After a subpar 2-2ats night last night.  Tonight I will be coming back with another one of my patented Late Night Fix plays!! I have been making a killing on these plays.  $3,320.00 in profits on a 70% run over the last 50 days.  I was 2-0 on Monday's Late Night Fix plays and tonight I'm coming back strong with another. 


Charlotte Bobcats vs. Sacramento Kings-10:00pm


**5** Play-



Bobcats/Kings- <>Public money all over the Bobcats and it is because the Kings are the worst team in the league.  Hold on a second though they do have a star on their team that can take over games in Kevin Martin.  That is more than other teams can say, and I think their record is much worse than their team.  This team wants to win some games and will be motivated to do so as under dogs against a team that has not won a road game in over a month.  The home team in this match up is 8-0ats in the last 8 meetings.  Sacramento already starting to play better 4-1ats last 5 and they are doing so by playing better defense which is not hard considering how poor their defense is.  They are -2.6FG% defense from their season average and -1.4-3pt% and it is against quality opponents of the Hornets, Mavs, Hawks, and Rockets.  Charlotte on the other hand comes into this game playing a late game last night against Phoenix and are giving up 6.3 more points than their season average and are on 0 days rest playing on the west coast.  When on short rest this season Charlotte plays its worst offense at 91.1ppg.  I think the Kings finally get another win here at home behind Kevin Martin. 

Take Kings +3 (5** Late Night Fix)<>

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