Army +225 5.5% NCAAF POD
It's finally time for Army to win this game. This is there best shot for a few different reasons. The last two years they have come close and have had chance to win, but this year I think they finally get it done.

Navy was busy playing in a conference championship last week. Something they have never had to do the week before the Army Navy game. They lost the game to Temple as I played Temple on the money line. Not only did they lose, but the loss was very costly. They lose their QB Will Worth who is out for the season. Worth took over for Tago Smith and was a senior. Now Navy turns to a sophomore in Zach Abey. That can't be good for a team that is used to having experience.

Meanwhile Army has been licking their chops for this game. This is Army's best team in probably 20 years. This is a team that beat Temple 28-13 in the beginning of the year. Since 2011 Army has been -9 in turnover margin in the Navy/Army game and it has cost them winning the game at least two times as singificant under dogs. I think they can win the turnover battle in this one with an experienced QB on Navy side and under a week to prepare it's just too much to ask for. Navy also not forcing nearly as many turnovers as they have in years past as they have only had 13 this year (27 last year). Their run defense giving up 4.77 yards per carry on the season compared to 3.88 for Army. Army held them under 200 yards last year and I think they will be even better this year.

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