This is the biggest game of the weekend right here as two top 5 programs meet from the Mountain West Conference. This is strength vs. strength and UTah is the home team as under dogs. Kyle Whittingham is part of my fondest memories as a handicapper and better. The head coach of Utah is under rated for preparing for big games. That memory was when they shocked Alabama in their bowl game in 2008 as under dogs of 10 points as they cruised to a 31-17 game. That's not why I'm taking Utah here on Saturday.

TCU is a legit defense but their loss of DT Kelly Griffin can not go unnoticed. He was a 4 year Sr. and a huge leader on the field. Taking up that spot are two 270lb DT's and that is where I think Utah can have some success because TCU is the fastest defense they have faced all year. So what you want to do is keep it up the middle where you can pick up yards quick and I think Eddie Wide and Matt Ariata are very good at that. Utah still must play defense however.

Andrew Dalton has struggled in these spot light games and it really makes me wonder about him and I just can't back him in this game. Boise State bowl game comes to mind last year and on the road and in neutral games this year he's just 58-100 with 5 TD's and 4 Ints. I expect him to make a few mistakes here this weekend as Utah can bring pressure they've got 23 sacks on the year while TCU has allowed 5 sacks. This will be another key that Utah can take advantage of with being at home.

Jordan Wynn made his firs tstart in last years loss to TCU but now he's ready to win this big spotlight game in my opinion. Utah has several other X-factors including the fastest man ont he field in REggie Dunn and Shaky Smithson who is leading the nation in punt return yardage and hurt TCU a year ago. I expect a wide open playbook for Wynn and co and TE Devonte Christopher who has some size advantage at 6'5 to have a couple of big plays.

Love Iowa State to cover this although it worries me a bit that they haven't faced a Taylor Martinez type QB that can run the ball. Iowa State has by far faced a much stronger schedule and the one common opponent is Texas who Iowa State went on the road and beat 28-21 while Nebraska lost to by 7 at home. Iowa State really does not do one thing great which is why this game is so high as Nebraska handed Missouri it's lunch last week. Iowa State leads the league in turnover margin and Nebraska lieks to put the ball on the ground. Iowa State can also beat Nebraska with the running game with dual threat QB Austen ARnaud and RB Alex Robinson.

Where to find Freddy?

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