Auburn +120 5.5% POD
Auburn feels lucky to be in the Sugar Bowl with 4 losses, but this is a better team than their record indicates. Part of playing in the best division in college football is you get hit with injuries and that’s what happened to this team. Sean White, their QB who led the SEC in pass efficiency is back for this game and their bruising RB Pettway also returns and I like his chances to really control this game against Oklahoma who struggles vs. the run ranking 69th in ypc allowed. Oklahoma allowed 200+ yards 4 times this year including 3 times to close the season.

Oklahoma’s defense ranks 75th and faced an average offense ranking 58th while Auburn’s defense ranks 25th and faced an average offense ranking 57.9. I’ll lean towards the better defense almost every time when getting points and that’s the case in this game here today. Oklahoma’s #1 ranked offense is getting a lot of hype. They sent two guys to the Heisman Trophy ceremony, but they faced just three teams in the top 50 in total defense and 2 of them beat them. Houston beat Oklahoma with the 16th ranked defense and 95th ranked offense. Ohio State beat them with the 3rd ranked defense and 45th ranked offense. Now they face Auburn whom I think is the best team on their schedule ranking 25th with the 36th ranked offense. Auburn’s offense still good despite what many think and the fact that they are now healthy and motivated to beat the Big 12 Champions. This should be exciting!

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