We have several special Thanksgiving packages available this week.  These packages disappear Thursday morning so make sure you take advantage of them now.  We are in the green for the year, and have much more planned.  Career +193.57% in November & December.  I think I will profit 30-40% the rest of the year, but you can expect at least another 15% or more the rest of the season based on previous years!

**Reminder: I solely focus on football, and this is the part of the season I thrive when other handicappers are starting focus on hockey & basketball I remain dialed into football!  Also all picks get released at kickoff for full transparency.  You can track that in records or on twitter - #picksreleasedatkickoff

Rest of Season NFL + NCAAF - ONLY $99! No Guarantee, but we have been profitable 10 of 13 seasons.  Right now we sit at 52-39 +16.73% in the NFL, and in  college we sit at 81-72 -12.31% overall.  Total 133-111 +4.42%.  - freddywills.com/records

Thanksgiving Week of Picks - (15-20 picks) $75 Guaranteed PROFIT or $$ BACK - Get all of my NFL & College this week Guaranteed to profit or $ BACK.

Rest of NFL + NCAAF + ALL NEXT SEASON - ONLY $399.  Get all of NFL & College Football through Super Bowl 2024! 10 of 13 winning season onpace for 11th in 14 years.  Average ROI around 30% each year or 50% in winning years. 

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