Wisconsin / Miami Under 45 3.3% play
These are two of the slower paced teams in the country at 95th, and 100th and both will lean on the run slowing this game down even more in my opinion. Both teams are led by their defenses who have stepped up in big games. Even Miami who gave up 38 points to Clemson held that offense to 331 yards.
You have Miami with their young QB Rosier who down the stretch struggled a bit particularly in the last two games going up against the #1 passing defense which has 17 interceptions. I expect a very conservative approach from the Miami Hurricanes who need to establish the run in this game. Wisconsin really doesn't give up much and only two teams scored in the 20's against them. An Ohio State team and Northwestern who scored 2 late TD's with their no huddle approach.
For Wisconsin they run the ball 65% of the time and they too really don't want to allow Alex Hornibrook to throw an interception to this defense that has 16 on the year. Look for Wisconsin to do what Wisconsin does and try to use their size and strength to defeat the speed of Miami's defense. I expect Miami's #21 ranked run defense to be able to get plenty of stops in this game. 

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