Utah -6.5 2.2% play

Even though we are playing a premium to back Utah and Kyle Whittingham who is 10-1 in bowl games I am fine doing so.  Mainly, because it's just a bad match-up for West Virginia who is playing without their QB Will Grier.  There is a big drop off in my opinion with Chris Chugunov.  They will also be playing without two offensive line man and RB Justin Crawford who rushed for 1,061 yards this season.  The fact that Utah is also strong against the pass ranking #28 in opposing QB rating is a big deal.  They are strong along the defensive line, and right now that is West Virginia's weakness heading into the bowl game.  In fact in their 5 losses they faced an average pass defense ranked 53.6 while in their wins they faced an average pass defense ranked 108.5.

Utah should be able to score points and with a high total of 57 it makes me like the 6.5 even more.  Utah's offense is a bit under the radar as they haven't been healthy much of the season.  When they have Tyler Huntley at QB and Darren Carrington at WR they are a different team.  Both will play in this game.  Utah also has a fantastic shot at running for over 150 yards where they average 40 points per game this year in 5 games they achieved that.  Honestly, they probably would have more if Huntley was healthy more this year.  The only time they did not eclipse 30 points was in a road game at USC where they lost 27-28 by going for 2.  West Virginia's run defense is the big weakness.  They have given up 170 or more yards in 8 out of 11 games.  You bet Whittingham will take advantage of that weakness and Zack Moss can have a big day.  

Speaking of weaknesses.  West Virginia #109 in special teams going up against Utah who ranks #12.

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