Auburn / Georgia Under 48.5 2.2% play 

I mentioned in my teaser play I saw this game being a little different.  I thought the total was a bit lucky to go over in the first game.  Here these team know how to scheme against each other even more.  These two teams are very similar to each other.  They are run first teams which keeps the clock moving with very strong defenses.  Georgia ranking 7th in yards per play allowed while Auburn ranks 8th.  Auburn ranking 14th vs. the run while Georgia ranks 23rd.  Auburn ranking 11th vs. the pass while Georgia ranking 5th.

This is a big game with a lot on the line.  I also wouldn't be surprised to see both teams sort of feel each other out early with a conservative game plan.  Neither team turns the ball over a ton Auburn 15 TO's, and Georgia 13 so don't expect points on defense either keeping this game in a 24-20 or 20-17 final.

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