Air Force -3 2.2% Play 

Air Force is a short favorite based on their 21-0 loss against Army last week, and Wyoming's upset of Colorado State at home.  Wyoming has been playing lights out defensively this year, but their one glaring weakness is against the run where they rank 76th in yards allowed.  Wyoming's offense is just flat out atrocious and if they are not getting turnovers they are not scoring points.  Josh Allen at QB who was supposed to be heading to the NFL may need another year after he ranks 104th in passing yards per game with the 126th rushing yardage offense.  He's completing just 55% of his passes and his rushing offense is averaging just 2.55 ypc on the road. 

Air Force just ran into an Army team that knows how to defend their offense.  Wyoming's defense has been better against the pass and has forced a ton of turnovers, but typically these triple option teams don't give it up.  I look for Air Force a team that has gone 5-3 since 2008 when following a loss to Army or Navy.  Those 3 losses came against the likes of San Diego State (2x) and TCU.  Wyoming definitely not in that conversation.

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