Wisconsin / Nebraska Under 46 3.3% play 8pm ET
I feel like Nebraska is finally figuring out what they need to do this year. Runt eh ball with 47 and 38 carries in their last two games they have been successful. For me I see this game slowing down no matter what the result of the game and I feel strongly there are two results. Wisconsin gets up big and milks the clock, or Nebraska plays excellent defense and plays in a very close game.

Neither team can expect big plays down the field as Nebraska and Wisconsin both rank top 20 in yards per completion. Both defenses have also been very good in the red zone. Nebraska holding opponents to 52.94% TD, and Wisconsin is holding opponents to 41.67%. Both teams are also in top 20 in opponent plays per game with Nebraska coming in at 66 and Wisconsin at 65.8.

Wisconsin's offense will lean on the run and their size up front as they like to run the ball 65% of the time which keeps the clock moving. Meanwhile Nebraska's run defense has been superb outside of the Oregon game which was on the road. Oregon is the only team to run for more than 100 yards. This will be a night game and should give the Nebraska defense an extra edge early. Overall this is the best defense that Wisconsin has faced all year and vice versa. Expect a very low scoring game like we have seen the past two years. Let's just hope Tanner Lee doesn't start throwing pick sixes again.

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