Alabama Offense ranks #13 VS. Georgia Defense ranking #7 in YPP.
There is value on Georgia's defense simply for the fact they just got done giving up 48 points to Oklahoma. Georgia never see's the RPO spread type of offense and that did not surprise me one bit. Here they face an Alabama offense that is 63% run. They haven't come out throwing more than running in any game this year. I would be shocked if they did it against Georgia. Jalen Hurts ranks 96th in sack % because he would rather take a sack that throw an interception (1 all year)

Overall Georgia got it's ranking facing #53.5 offense while Alabama faced an opponent defense ranking 56.1 on average.

Alabama #10 rushing offense vs. Georgia's #32 run defense
Alabama had a weak schedule facing an average opponent run defense ranking 66.8 with only 5 opponents ranking in the top 45. Against those opponents they were stopped 2 of 5 games and one of those games was at home to LSU and the other against Clemson in their last game which they still managed to win due to the fact that their defense had basically 2 TD's in the second half otherwise that game is 10-6 in the 3rd quarter and Clemson has the ball.

Alabama in those 5 games average 4.8 ypc and 189.2, but had only 8 total TD's. They did not reach the end zone in their last game against Clemson in their rushing attack.

Georgia's defense on paper looks like a major issue and one that Alabama can exploit. I wouldn't be shocked if Alabama had a good chunk of yardage, but Georgia has faced 8 top 45 rushing offenses 7 of which were ranked in the top 25 for an overall average opponent rank of 44.8. Their strength of schedule is extremely difficult and their defense led by Roquan Smith has been dominant at times. They shut down 4 of those 8 opponents. They shut down the mobile QB's they faced. Notre Dame's Brandon Wimbush had 1 yard on 16 carries at home against Georgia. Overall they held opponents to 151 yards per game in those 8 games with only 5 total TD's (Alabama's rush defense allowed 7 against 5 top 45 opponents) The rushing defense had to face the triple option, Auburn twice, and Oklahoma who had the #1 overall offense. Georgia's defense should be excited to be the reason why Georgia wins this game.

Alabama's #15 QB rated offense vs. Georgia's #6 QB rated defense
This rating has more to do with Jalen Hurts not making mistakes and being able to run the ball. Now Alabama certainly has a better receiving corp than Georgia led by Ridley, but can they take advantage? They faced 6 top 50 passing defenses and Hurts had 8 passing TD's and 0 INT's. However, he only surpassed 200 yards 1 time and was held under 121 passing yards 3 times.

Georgia who ranks #6 faced an averaged QB rating of 63.2. Only 5 in passer ratings in the top 50, but 4 were in the top 10. Really only 3 QB's were able to pass the ball with great numbers of more than 1 passing TD's. That was Auburn's Stidham, but Georgia made adjustments and shut him down in game #2. Drew Lock, but in garbage time of a blowout. Baker Mayfield had 3 passing TD's, but Georgia really shut him down in the second half. It was the first time Georgia was seeing that type of offense that SEC defenses have struggled with before. I didn't think they would be able to man up and contain Oklahoma, but that's exactly what they did.

Edge Georgia
Who faced 14 opponents ranking top 50 in rushing offense or passing offense while Alabama only faced 11 ranking in top 50 in rushing or passing defense. Many of Georgia's opponents actually ranked in the top 10 or 25 with a total # of 5 top 10 units. Alabama only faced 1 top 10 unit and that was Clemson. Clemson's defense really shut down Alabama's offense who could have similar struggles against Georgia.

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