Passing on this game, but here are my thoughts..

Georgia Southern brought in Georgia Tech's assistant Bryan Cook to run the offense and really get back into what made them a success before which was running the ball. Unfortunately, they started the season against 3 very good teams. Auburn, New Hampshire (#13 in FCS), and Indiana (a very under rated team). Indiana's rushing defense is really good holding Penn State to 39 rushing yards, and Virginia to 55 yards and Ohio State in check for most of game 1, but they allowed Georgia Southern to rush for 242 yards and 4.48 yards per carry. Last year Georgia Southern got away from running the option and although they come into this game 0-3 I think they could give Arkansas State some issues. The question is can Georgia Southern run on Arkansas State, who held them to under 200 yards a year ago.

Arkansas State's run defense here has shown serious vulnerabilities in their two road games against Nebraska (allowing 5.92 ypc and 225 yards), and SMU (allowing 5.76 ypc and 311 yards). That was SMU's most rushing yards against any opponent and the same goes for Nebraska. I would say there are concerns in the run defense for Arkansas State. Arkansas State came into this year with only 4 returning starters on defense and it has shown a little early.
Arkansas State's offense should have no problem putting up points against a rebuilt Georgia Southern defense, but a huge key is whether or not junior QB Justice Hansen will play or not. He will be a game time decision, but I expect him to go and for this line to move a bit later today. At the end of the day both teams have played tough competition in their non-conference schedule so it's hard to know what to expect. I would lean towards Georgia Southern as 9.5 point dog, as I expect them to be able to run the ball based what I saw against Indiana, but it's a game I'm sitting out to collect more data.

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